Temporary Recruitment (Agency)

In the dynamic landscape of today’s workforce, our temporary recruitment services offer flexible staffing solutions to address short term staffing needs. Whether its covering peak workloads, special projects or temporary absences. We connect businesses with skilled professionals who can seamlessly integrate into their teams for the required duration.

Fixed Term Recruitment

Our fixed term recruitment services provide a middle ground solution, offering the benefits of both permanency and flexibility. Tailored to meet specific project timelines or to cover extended leaves, this service allows organizations to bring in specialized talent(skill) for a pre-determined period.

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Permanent Recruitment (full time)

Rehoboth care endeavors to find and hire the right talent (skill) on your behalf , thereby creating ample time in your hands so that you can look into other issues. if you are in need of permanent (full time) employees, we are here to handle the process for you.